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Ancient Religion, Local Worship

Here, the old gods live


Anglo-Saxon Théodish Belief, which is sometimes called Théodism, is the rekindling of the manygodded heathen troth that was held by our pre-Christian English ancestors.

Whitthenge Heall is a Théodish guildhall of the Ealdríce that gathers monthly about Richmond, Virginia (RVA) to fain the Anglo-Saxon gods and goddesses and to hold the holytides. Guildsmen and guests from throughout the Commonwealth and Mid-Atlantic region can be found at its gatherings with some having come from Maryland, Northern Virginia (NoVA), South Western Virginia, Hampton Roads, Tidewater, and North Carolina to worship the old heathen gods of their English, Germanic, and Norse ancestors.

Virginia is sown throughout with English heritage. The earth itself echoes England with a great many towns and streets bearing names first brought over from Britain. The Old Dominion is home to Jamestown, the site of first permanent English settlement in the New World, the “Citie of Henricus,” Colonial Williamsburg, and Colonial Yorktown. Indeed it was in this very land that the ancient rights and freedoms of the Anglo-Saxons were fully realized by such Founding Fathers as Thomas Jefferson (himself an avid Anglo-Saxonist and advocate of religious freedom). And so it is no surprise that the Commonwealth proved to be a  “fertile field” for an Anglo-Saxon Théodish fellowship such as the Ealdríce to take root and grow.

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Also, for those in Australia, feel free to contact  Æppeldor Friðstów, the Ealdríce’s hall in Tasmania.

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